Information about the energy situation

Autumn has arrived, and Europe is suffering the effects of the current energy crisis, which is expected to continue into the autumn and winter.

Due to the current situation, one of the questions we are often asked by our customers is if we can guarantee the delivery of their products.

Generally speaking, Elektro-Isola A/S’ supply of natural gas is secure

The Danish security of supply model means that Elektro-Isola A/S is generally ensured the necessary supply of natural gas.

Every year, the Danish Energy Agency calculates a consumption level that a company may not exceed for its supply of natural gas to be secured.

Elektro-Isola A/S is quite a bit below this level, relatively speaking, and therefore our supply of gas is generally secure. This means that your supply of the materials we produce is also secure.

Increasing energy surcharge as of 1 October 2022  

The low energy surcharge we introduced last year was due to the fact that, for a number of years, a percentage of our energy price was fixed with our energy supplier. Therefore, in recent times, we have been able to keep our energy surcharge at a relatively low level. 

Unfortunately, the agreement expires on 30 September 2022. Given the current spot prices for energy, this means that, as of 1 October 2022, we will be forced to increase our energy surcharge considerably.

We cannot estimate with 100% certainty at present what our energy surcharge will be as of 1 October, since this will depend on the energy prices at that time. Going forward, the energy surcharge will be adjusted based on a fixed calculation, which ensures that it is always calculated on the basis of the applicable energy level.

If you need more information about our energy surcharge, do not hesitate to contact the Elektro-Isola sales team. 

Reduction of our overall energy consumption

Prior to the energy crisis, we had already started working on reducing our overall energy consumption towards 2030, in conjunction with joining the Science Based Targets initiative last year.

We have already launched a long list of initiatives that will help us reduce our total energy consumption. Once these initiatives have been fully implemented, they will also benefit our customers, and we look forward to being able to tell you more about them.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, you are always welcome to contact us.


Updated 26 September 2022: See our current energy surcharge here.

Information about the energy situation

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